Top 10 Reasons to try Transactional Giving

Last year, 40 percent of donors to the Foundation made their donations as part of one or more closings. We call this transactional giving which allows agents at participating companies to make a contribution to the REALTOR® Foundation or another designated charity directly from their commission. Interested in making your gift at closing? Talk to your managing broker to learn more about this convenient way to give back to your community through the Foundation.

Tell your clients that as part of their work with you a donation was made to the REALTOR® Foundation. Everyone at the closing table can feel good knowing they are helping another family find housing.

      1. Small gifts can add up to a big impact
      2. For many offices, it’s as easy as filling out a box on the closing form
      3. It’s 100% tax-deductible
      4. Receive a year end statement for tax purposes
      5. Make yours in honor of another agent or clients
      6. Save your own stamp – your office handles it all
      7. A $25 gift at one closing per month gets you listed on the Heroes of Hope wall in the MIBOR lobby
      8. Your office could win a coveted award
      9. Participation signals a commitment to your industry
      10. You won’t miss a few dollars, but central Indiana’s homeless will benefit

For REALTOR® Foundation brochures to share with your clients or information about how to make your gifts in honor of someone, contact Gabie Benson at 317/956-5255