Story of Hope: Holy Family Helps Clients Break Barriers

Holy Family Helps Clients Break Barriers 

Linda, a 32 year-old mother of two children under four-years old, is successfully overcoming a long history with homelessness. As a child, Linda and her family lived in multiple homeless shelters, including Holy Family Transitional Housing. As an adult, Linda lost her employment and her home due to not being able to manage her household income. With no housing options, Linda and her two children entered Holy Family Shelter. 

With some encouragement and job-coaching from her case manager, Linda was able to find employment and eventually increase her work hours from an average of 25 hours each week with multiple jobs to a consistent 35 hours a week with one job, making it possible to have a more dependable schedule. As this position has a higher hourly wage, Linda is now earning enough income to meet her monthly financial responsibilities. Prior to participation in the Holy Family Transitional Housing Services program, Linda had not developed the life skills necessary to manage her income or pay monthly bills on time. Through the help of intensive case management and her commitment to build a lasting future for her family, Linda now prioritizes her monthly bills to ensure that they are paid on-time before other spending and has even began taking steps to decrease her debt, something she never thought possible!

Linda recently celebrated being in her own home for one year and, due to her success as a tenant, was able to renew her lease for another year- something that she does not take for granted. Despite having challenges throughout her participation in the Holy Family Transitional Housing Services program, Linda continues to meet diligently with her case manager and face life challenges head-on. Through addressing her physical and mental health needs, Linda is becoming stronger and more capable as an individual and mother. She is demonstrating to her children that it is possible to make great changes and overcome any barrier, no matter how long the challenges persist. Though she has a long road ahead of her, she is on a great path to success. Holy Family Services is proud to be walking this journey with Linda and is very excited for what is in her family’s future as she reaps the benefits of her hard work.