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See your legacy in the real estate industry blossom during your lifetime. Help us continue to grow our endowment fund with an outright gift of cash, securities, or real estate.  In addition to many tax benefits, donors making significant investments in our endowment fund will also be recognized as Key Circle members.

Types of Planned Gifts to Consider

Bequests: A bequest in your will or trust is the most frequently used planned gift and is fully deductible for estate tax purposes. Bequests can take on many forms, such as a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or the remainder of your estate.

Life Insurance Policy: You may donate a new policy or designate The REALTOR® Foundation as the beneficiary and/or owner of an existing policy.

Retirement Plans: IRA or 401(k) plans can be subject to both income and estate taxes, greatly limiting the percentage available for heirs. As a result, you may choose to designate The REALTOR® Foundation as the beneficiary, qualifying the gift for an unlimited estate tax charitable deduction.

Charitable Lead Trusts: Charitable lead trusts provide a way to pass significant wealth to your heirs at minimal or no transfer-tax cost, while making immediate gifts to the Foundation.

Interested in learning more?

To inform us of your plans or request information, you may use the enclosed form, or contact Gabie Benson, Foundation manager, at 317-956-5255.

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