Stories of Success – Holy Family Shelter

When Becky was told by her older brother that she and her 3-year-old child could no longer sleep on his couch she began to search the internet to find emergency shelter. Becky was 21 years old and pregnant with her second child. Her brother’s landlord had threatened to evict the entire family if he continued to allow persons that were not on the lease to stay in his apartment. Holy Family Shelter welcomed Becky and her child, and immediately began coordinating services, including pre-natal medical care.

Becky’s case manager assisted her with creating goals which included finding employment. They worked closely on job readiness and improving her employment-seeking skills. With this support, Becky was hired in an administrative assistant position and maintained this income during her stay in the shelter. As Becky’s due date approached, it become obvious that supportive housing would be beneficial for her and her growing family. Becky was able to work, but
inevitably the baby would arrive and she would have to take time off of work. She needed a program that provided housing and that would work closely with her to address this barrier that would leave her vulnerable to falling back into homelessness. Therefore, Becky became a participant in Holy Family Transitional Housing Services Program.

Her motivation to provide a stable environment for her family and willingness to work hard toward her goals made her a great fit. Through the program’s assistance, Becky moved in to a 2-bedroom apartment just after her second child was born. Becky is not only able to provide a safe home for her family now but she is in a position to teach hope and hard work to her children.