Stories of Success – Damien Center

A client turned to the Damien Center without anywhere else to turn. Being HIV+, she faces barriers to her success on a daily basis. When she came to their office, she was in a state of panic because the building where she had been renting an apartment was recently condemned and the owner was not able to be contacted.

Without hope of accessing her security deposit from the condemned apartment, she faced imminent homelessness, the arduous task of finding a landlord willing to rent to her, and no funds to provide a deposit on another unit.

Along with her housing concerns, she was under-employed and reported that she often went without eating in order to afford the gas needed to get to and from her job. As a piece of her case management at the Center, the client worked with the Housing Case Manager to locate additional employment along with affordable adequate housing. Through a stroke of luck, the client was able to secure a clerical position with the same landlord who was willing to rent her an apartment. After her initial placement earlier this year, the client has not had any repeated requests for assistance and is thriving in her new environment (still employed with the same company.) She does continue to receive support from the Damien Center Food Pantry, but has come a long way in her quest to achieve housing stability.